Ready for your summer glow up?  No, this isn’t about getting a tan at the beach.

A “glow up” or “glo up” describes a complete personal transformation. Not only can a glow up be physical, but also mental.  People use the term to describe coming out or just to represent the natural course of growing up.

The term also refers to glow up challenges where participants drastically change their routines to improve themselves. There are several challenges on Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr that recommend everything from skincare routines to trying to work out more.

While some of these challenges include self-care and self-love, the basis is to improve your physical appearance and that might not be for everybody.

Summer is typically a time for makeovers, but should you go for a full glow up? Here are a few things to consider.

The glow up can empower you.

ENTITY discusses pros and cons of the glow up.

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We can generally agree that you feel better when you put some effort into your appearance. Studies and dating experts have shown there’s a correlation between self-confidence and feelings of attractiveness.

It feels good sometimes to get dressed up, put on makeup, or anything else that’ll make you feel comfortable. A little effort never hurt, and the tips on these glow up challenges are helpful.

Some of the tips are also good for overall health. Should you drink more water to keep your skin moisturized? Should you buy a face mask or make your own so your skin feels better? These aren’t mandatory but are small things you can do to make your skin healthier.

However, the glow up can be disheartening.

Glow up challenges often draw on what we perceive as our faults. Going through tips can be overwhelming and bad for your self-esteem.

We all have an image in our head of somebody we wish we looked like. We wish we had better hair or clearer skin or that we were taller. But glowing up doesn’t change who you are.  If you have severe body appearance issues, the glow up might make you feel worse.

While you might like to do the challenge, if you aren’t accepting of your natural self, you aren’t going to like the “glowing” version any better.

Incorporate self-care and self-love into your routine.

You have to start off on a strong foot. When what’s happening inside isn’t right, the outside isn’t right either. To confirm that, all you have to do is look at Donald Trump.

Try to search for challenges that involve writing affirmations or being kinder to yourself and others, more of a mental glow up. If you can’t find one, create your own. Make goals and a plan to become a kinder, more understanding person to yourself and others.

Being positive is something that has some really great effects, according to Barbara Fredrickson. When you have a good attitude, the outcome can be more effective. You’ll be a better person, not just someone with better skin or prettier clothes.

The glow up is about you – not anyone else.

ENTITY discusses pros and cons of the glow up.

Photo via Unsplash.

Don’t do this for the compliments. You have to rely on yourself and your confidence to drive this transformation.

Comparing yourself or trying to be like someone else is not the way to glow up either. All that’ll do is make you feel worse.

Don’t think, “Oh, if I straighten my hair more, I’ll have hair like hers” or “if I workout more, then they’ll think I’m pretty.”

Instead, make goals that affirm yourself. For example, if you really like the color of your eyes, then make a goal to find a shirt that makes them pop. If you care about your health, vow to get your heart rate up a few times a week.

Your glow up should be authentic

In an interview with Nylon, Caroline Goldfarb, who helps create “Glowing Up” podcasts, said, “We’re all about covering up our bad decisions and our poor diet with quick fixes on the outside, to make it look like we’re being very healthy.”

Quick fixes are good for selling something, but it won’t treat your body. You don’t need to hide anything about yourself, whether it’s physical or emotional. Treating your body in a healthy way should be the goal, not something you fake.

You are who you are, so be authentic and own it.

You don’t have to glow up to be beautiful

There’s no need to change your appearance or your personality to accommodate others’ standards. You are enough and you don’t need to glow up to prove that to yourself or to anyone else.

So while the glow up challenge might be something to try out, you are in control of it. If you choose to try it, make it a positive experience rather than one that leaves you in the dumps.

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