Entity discusses zodiac dates

If you feel like it’s basically impossible to meet guys on a college campus, then you’re not the only one.

Adjusting to the culture of meeting guys in college is no walk in the park. But don’t lose hope completely; we have some good news regarding your future love life.

As it turns out, according to astrology, all millennials are romantic in at least some capacity.

Entity discusses zodiac dating

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Here’s the gist: the planet Pluto was in the sign of Scorpio for a 12-year period during which a ton of millennials were born. What does this mean exactly? Well, basically people born during this time (many millennials) are strong-willed and catalysts of change. But that’s not all. Although it might not seem like it, this generation actually tends to be pretty traditional.

So where does romance come into play? The traditional, yet stubborn, traits of this Scorpio Generation make it difficult to settle down in a relationship. So a woman born under the influence of this zodiac dates with a tad more difficulty… mostly because she has totally contradictory personality traits.

But there’s a hopeless romantic hidden (more hidden in some than others) somewhere in all of us. It’s just about finding that trust that allows you to feel safe in a committed relationship.

Entity discusses zodiac dates

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We’re here to offer a few tips and tricks on how to turn your casual non-relationship into something more serious. Because behind every stressed out, constantly busy college student, there is a mushy gooey lover of all things Nicholas Sparks.

First, let’s get some perspective on how real students describe the culture of dating in college. We interviewed several women who are currently in college, in order to get an inside scoop on the dating scene at several different universities.

1 “At my boarding school, it was about how long you dated until you had sex. In college, it’s about how long you have sex until you start dating.”

This Cornell student’s quote says a lot. And she’s not the only one who feels that way. There seemed to be a common trend in how people feel about dating culture in college: sex before love, and don’t even think about a relationship anytime soon. 

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It seems as though the harder we try, the harder it gets when it comes to looking for a relationship. And what happens if you’re not a regular bar-goer? 

One Georgetown student describes the process of meeting guys in a similar way.

2 “You don’t get to know guys. It’s all based on drunk interactions at a bar, and it takes at least a year to turn it into something.”

Why is it that turning something into a relationship is so taboo nowadays? When did the norm become strictly physical relationships without a hint of emotional connection? It seems like mentioning that you’re looking for a relationship is a major red flag these days. But why?

Entity discusses zodiac dates

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As Calvin Harris smartly put it, don’t be afraid to catch feels. Why do we equate having romantic feelings for someone with contracting a disease? Maybe it’s just us, but that seems a bit cynical. Sure, people are getting married later now than they were, say, fifty years ago. But does that mean serious relationships cannot exist before graduation?

One student at Princeton feels similarly about meeting guys:

3 “Since most of the social scene is influenced by alcohol, it’s hard to meet guys in a sober setting. Nobody seems to take people out on dates anymore unless you’ve already been ‘dating’ for a while. It’s all backwards and guys have such a stigma against any sort of relationship labels.”

Entity story on college dating culture

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Are millennials really over romance? When did people start to settle for little more than random drunk hookups with guys they met at bars? Or could it just be that guys are becoming more and more stubborn?

Lately it seems like it’s ‘cool’ to not care about getting a text back or a second date. In fact, it seems extremely rare that people even talk or hang out again after having sex upon first meeting.

So how, then, could it be possible that all millennials, or college-aged people in general, are in some way romantic? Good question. After doing some research on the topic of astrology, we came to a few conclusions.

Entity discusses zodiac dates

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Many people are firm believers in zodiac sign incompatibility. That is, a woman under the Leo zodiac dates mostly Leos because they feel their signs are compatible, or a woman under the Aries zodiac dates mostly Geminis, and so on. But it goes both ways. And in fact, one Wesleyan student believes there is some truth in dating certain signs:

 “I don’t think astrological signs should be a deal breaker, but I think it’s no coincidence I get along best with Libras.”

It’s easy to give up and accept the belief that no one dates anymore, even if you have maticulously planned zodiac dates. Even if you and another person have complementary signs, it’s not necessarily a dealmaker.

Everyone is busy with school or work, and maybe you truly don’t even have time for a significant other. Or maybe you’re just the type of person who prefers to be single, since being single is definitely less effort than maintaining a committed relationship.

As the old saying goes, good things come to those who wait. This difficulty millennials are experiencing with finding a match could be a phase. As we enter this year’s Libra season,  the stars are telling us to focus more on ourselves.

So maybe it’s a good thing you’re not meeting Mr. Right (right away, at least). More time for girls’ nights out, “you time”, and maybe even taking another stab at your forgotten New Year’s resolutions. After all, you still have a few months left to complete them.

Entity discusses zodiac dates

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If you’re an avid horoscope reader, then chances are you believe that the stars will eventually align for you. Each day is a new opportunity, a new chance to reinvent yourself and be whoever you want to be. So don’t let the sometimes cold and always daunting dating scene get you down. At least not yet. Because you never know what tomorrow holds.

And if the cleverly crafted zodiac dates seem a bit too mechanical to you (or the concept of zodiac dates sound altogether ridiculous to you), don’t feel pressured to adopt that method. Do whatever works for you.

We hope we’ve inspired you. But if you want one good reason why staying single is never a bad idea, we’ll leave you with this timeless quote by the only relationship expert the world needs: the one and only Carrie Bradshaw.

“Being single used to mean that nobody wanted you. Now it means you’re pretty sexy and you’re taking your time deciding how you want your life to be and who you want to spend it with.”

Entity story on college dating culture

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