Entity shares thoughts women have during sex

So it’s just about that time.

Yeah, you know the one: sexy time.

Your clothes are off and things are really heating up. It feels so good (or let’s be real, maybe it doesn’t, maybe it’s the worst thing ever) but either way, you’re really getting into a rhythm.

But then all of a sudden your mind starts being all like “Hey! What’s up? Whatcha doing?”

Now whether that’s a reflection of who you’re doing it with, a side effect of what you ate an hour before, or a result of your busy life, you can’t help but notice your brain acting up.

So for all you guys out there (and females alike) wondering what women think during sex, Entity is here to fill you in.

In no particular order (except of course for the food thought being numero uno), these are thoughts most ladies have during sex.

“Wait wait wait. We’re doing this before getting food? But I’m starving!”

Entity shares what women think during sex

I could literally eat an entire jar of pickles, three cheese pizzas, a box of cookies, and the entire chocolate cake from Matilda rn.

A study actually found that women are less interested in sex then they’re hungry.  Filling up on a snack before sex might actually lessen thoughts about food during sex (no guarantees though, never underestimate the power of the female fixation on food). 

Ow, ow, ow. Ah finally. Nope, still ow.

It’s gonna be a rough few minutes.

Don’t say the wrong name. Don’t say the wrong name.

Please, not again.

What in the world is making that noise?

Entity shares what women think during sex

What is happening down there that I don’t know about???

Ah fuck, I just called him the wrong name. Again.


Come on, FOCUS.

Why is everything so distracting?

Woah he lasted more than 60 seconds, I’m impressed!

entity shares thoughts most women have during sex

The one-minute mark is a pretty big deal.

This is kinda nice, but sitting and eating with my friends would be nicer.

Let’s be honest, we make real sacrifices.

I wonder what I look like right now?

Probably something along the lines of a hard breathing sack of potatoes. 

Wait, this actually feels really fucking awesome.

entity shares what women think during sex

Is he human?

I wonder what it looks like down there…

Actually, I don’t wanna know.

Would it be weird if I asked him to pull my hair?

Nah, just do it.

Wow this guy really looks like my ex. 

Eh, wouldn’t be the first time.

Shit, this guy actually IS my ex.

Entity shares what women think during sex

Double dipping strikes again.

Does he really think I’m cumming right now?  

Entity shares what women think during sex

He will never learn.

I low key hope someone walks in on us.

Just to make things a little more exciting. *Sigh*

Good lord, is he going to finish in the next year?

This is taking forever.

DAMN you did good. This man is SEXY as fuck.

entity shares what women think during sex

Why am I so surprised?

What the hell is he searching for down there? Find my fucking G-Spot already!

entity shares what women think during sex

Verbal commands do wonders. So do physical ones, as in literally showing their hand where to go.

Can he tell how badly I have to pee?

Because I REALLY have to pee.

Ahhh yeah. This is a really great stretch for my ham string.

This could be a new thing! It can be called sex stretching. Or sexetching. Genius.

I wonder what he’s thinking right now…should I ask?

No, no definitely don’t ask.

Jesus he’s sweating a lot.


I wonder if this mole I’m feeling on his back is cancerous?

He should probably get that checked out.

I think I’ll ask if he wants to play Scrabble after this.

Triple word score all the way.

I wonder how many other people are having sex in the world right now?

Entity shares what women think during sex

Mind blown.

It would be so HOT if we took a video right now.

No. Remember what your mom taught you about making good decisions.

Oh yes, that scream was so perfect.

Entity shares what women think during sex

My moans are on FLEEK.

Plz don’t fart. Or poop.

Why is this such an issue? I may be lactose intolerant, but that doesn’t mean I’m not ALWAYS eating cheese. Idk. Everything is unfair.  

Fuck, I was so close.

entity shares what women think during sex

Damn you.

I hope he wants to go again after we eat.

It’s all about fueling your body 😉

Of course these aren’t the only thoughts girls have during sex. Maybe you really enjoy having sex with your partner and they’re all you think about. However, for the majority of us women, sexy time provides a few minutes (maybe 10 if you’re lucky) for some deep thinking.

Clearly, the thoughts we have during sex are some of the best thoughts any human could ever think.

So you’re welcome, world.

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