ENTITY discusses ways on how to cope with emotional healing

Women are strong and independent. Sometimes, it’s an honor to carry these natural characteristics with us. Sometimes it’s absolute pressure. It creates this emotional façade that makes us live according to how we should act as opposed to how we want to react. Often times, we forget about our emotional healing. 

You just failed a test? Do better next time. You just broke up with your boyfriend? You can have another him in a minute. Your car just broke down in the middle of nowhere?  Good thing you wore your comfortable heels.

All of which are very valuable reasons to be sad. All of which will inevitably lead us to feel frustrated, anxious and down. Sometimes life will throw ugly circumstances our way and sometimes we have every right to break. Go right ahead.

In order to deal with the emotional healing process, we’ve made a list of five steps to healthy coping.

1 Allow Sadness In

People always say it’s important to stay positive because it’s what keeps us sane. But sometimes it’s better to just let yourself stay at home to wallow, eat that cookie dough ice cream and binge-watch the latest Netflix series. By all means, ditch that party and listen to Adele’s break up songs!  Whatever it is, let yourself actually feel. Crying is a stress releaser. It helps you release chemicals in your body that will ease the physical and emotional pain.

2 Reinvent Yourself

You may have lost yourself in the process but you can always bring yourself back. Mold yourself back into that awesome person you know you can be. You may even like yourself a lot better in the end. During your emotional distress, it’s important to make a list of what you think you need to improve on. I’ve made myself aware of my own tendency to put pressure on myself so I can proactively work on it. Make sure, you too, are aware of some of the things you can work on to help you release any unwanted negativity.

3 Open Up

Don’t be afraid to vent to your support system, whether that be your mom, dad, brother or next door neighbor. Talk to someone you trust or feel comfortable with sharing and make sure you are safe while you are being vulnerable. Make sure to surround yourself with listeners who can pay attention to your feelings. It can be emotionally draining to give more than what you can offer. Therapy is an unbiased and helpful space where you can release your feelings.  Getting an outsider’s perspective and unbiased opinion on life, love and career will be so inspiring. 

4 Love and Be Loved

Many of us love a lot but show so little. Many of us take two steps forward and five steps back. It’s called fear. You don’t want to shun them away just because you’re afraid to accept and receive it. Don’t run away from it. If you did that during your last relationship, like I did, don’t do that during your healing process too. Accept the love you have around you from friends and family. More importantly, love yourself. Invite the positive vibes. There’s a reason why people come into your life.

5 Put Meaning Into Your Experiences

Embrace the high times, the low times and the changes. It’s an adventure. Acknowledge your personal growth and take pride in your hardships. They have shaped you into the person you are today. Turn your grieving into healing and find beauty in all negative and positive situations because, at the end of the day, you get to say, “I made it.” It’s one of the best feelings in the world.

Edited by Silvana Lezama

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